How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular game that you can play in the casinos or on-line. It is fairly simple to learn how to play , so here it is as short as it gets: You are dealt 2 cards and the dealer is dealt 2. The object of the game is the sum of your cards to be higher( but not more then 21 ) then the dealer’s hand. When you get your cards they are both face-up and you have a few options to improve your hand. You can “Hit”- get an additional card, “Split” – make 2 separate hands if your cards have the same value or “Double-Down” – get one card and one card only after you out more money in action. The dealer will have 2 cards as i said but only 1 is visible , the other one is either dealt later after all players react on their hands or is under his/hers visible card.
The “Value” of each card in the deck is pretty easy – all the numbered cards have the same value as their corresponding numbers ( a 7 of clubs is valued at 7 points, a 4 of diamonds is valued 4 points etc) and all the “Face” cards – Jacks, Queens,Kings are valued at 10 points each. If your 2 dealt cards are a 10 points card and an Ace – you have a Blackjack :) Congratulations!
All the bets are paid even money – if you bet $10 and you win the casino will pay you $10. The only exception is the dreamed “Blackjack” that depending on the casino pays either 3 to 2 or 6 to 5. Read the section ” Where to Play” for the casinos with the best odds and payouts.
the game of blackjack has many variations – ” Spanish 21″, “Double Attack” ” Multi Hand Blackjack ” just to name a few. It is played with different number of decks – 1 to 8, 8 being the standard and 1 – rare and will definitely have slight changes of the rules and payouts.
Depending on the casino the rules may vary – it is very important to pick a casino which gives you the best ( or at least better) odds. Choose a casino that offers 4 or 6 deck games with “Blackjack” payouts at 3 to 2. Also – ask if the dealer hits soft 17, or if you , the payer, are allowed to “Split” and how many times your cards and if you can ” Double down” after splitting. All these things do make a difference in the long run, all add to your advantage and trim the ” House edge” .
The most popular type of play is called ” Basic Strategy” – it’s a few simple rules when to Hit/Split/Double Down depending on the dealer’s top card. These rules are extremely easy to memorize and follow or – some casinos will allow ypu to have and use on the table your own ” Basic Strategy” card. You can print your own from the ” Download” section of this website and concur the game of blackjack more successfully:) Good Luck!